About Dan Antonioli

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Dan Antonioli

Dan Antonioli is a licensed general contractor specializing in green building and ecological design. He is distinguished by his commitment to sustainability and offers a “deep shade of green” to his work. From green materials, good green designs, conservation and energy efficiency, to renewable energy systems, Dan is committed to seeing projects be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Dan grew up working for his family’s construction companies. After high school he worked for two years as an apprentice carpenter and took courses at community college, which lead to his attendance at UC Berkeley for a BA in psychology and then Sonoma State for a masters degree, also in psychology. He often worked as a carpenter during the summer months, and after finishing his masters degree began to focus on green building while simultaneously getting exposure to permaculture and natural building.

Former employers include: Creative Spaces, John Lieb Construction, Sun, Light & Power, and assorted bay area construction companies for short-term summer positions.

Dan is currently finishing a minor subdivision in Laytonville, California, with the intention of creating an ecovillage. He is also the founder of Oakland’s 611 Ecovillage, an urban, two-building green renovated intentional community.

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